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Nature’s Backyard

Welcome to Natures’ Backyard.

And what does that mean?

 Living at this time in Oregon has cemented my passion for the environment and its necessary stewardship.  All of nature belongs to us wherever we live.  Perhaps if we pay attention at the local level and think of all of nature  as "our backyard" we might care for it more tenderly and recognize it as a diminishing resource.  

It  would be a delight if you choose to share pictures and stories of your community and I'll share mine here.  The hope is that we not only enjoy nature's beauty but also talk about how and where to find an entry point to clean up and protect our environment.  We are being called to become mothers and fathers for this Earth.




The Debate on Climate Change

In reference to the on-going debate about the cause of our climate change,  this image truly cuts through all the well worn political dialogue on the issue.  Below is a picture of  part of an installation by Isaac Cordal, an artist from Galacia.  It is titled Follow the Leaders.

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It’s spring!

Spring discoveries….